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Programmed by Jan Naszewski, New Europe Film Sales

Free screening

A mixture of comedy, gripping thrillers, docs and amazing animation from the most interesting corners of Poland focused on producing short films. Visit the romantic town of Świteź and the big city hoods, take a ride on a Polish train and look who's coming out of the closet.

  • BARBAKAN, Bartłomiej Żmuda, 2010, 22 min.
    After a long period of work in Germany, Emil comes back to Poland with high hopes and pockets full of money and wants to rejoin his girlfriend in Kraków. As he travels across the country on a dragging train, he is taken on an emotional rollercoaster ride with a dramatic ending.
  • TALK TO HIM (Porozmawiaj z nim), Agata Prętka, 7 min.
    The moment we get up in the morning, our life becomes a combination of letters and numbers. It is just these seemingly harmless signs that organize, and also control our everyday lives.
  • GETTO GOSPEL, Jakub Radej, 2011, 26 min. Sixteen-year old Dominik lives in Warsaw’s poor district, Praga. He wants to record a rap song in the studio. When Christian missionaries appear on his street and offer him help, the boy unexpectedly converts.
  • SHIVERING TRUNKS, (Drżące Trąby) Natalia Brożyńska, 2010, 3 min.
    Bożyńska’s animation debut about dramatic love, acceptance and happy endings.
  • UFO IN PIEKARY (Ufo w Piekarach), Konrad Aksinowicz, 2011, 15 min.
    The parents of nine-year old Karol came up with a great idea on how to make their son polite. They bribe him with a longed-for present called AKX, advertised on television as an extraordinary toy. The problem is that the commercial didn’t lie.
  • THE LOST TOWN OF ŚWITEŹ, Kamil Polak, 2011, 20 min.
    An accidental traveller drawn by mysterious forces discovers the secret of a ghostly town at the bottom of a forgotten lake. Based on the 19th century epic poem by Adam Mickiewicz, the film dramatically merges oil paintings and orthodox icons with cutting-edge 3D computer animation to create an amazing visual effect.