Polish Cinema Classics DVDs and Screenings ______________

To mark the 10th anniversary of Kinoteka Film Festival, the PolishCultural Institute in London has teamed up with Second Run DVD to release a series of special edition box sets of fully restored classic films from Poland’s greatest filmmakers.

The first box set will feature four films, each made by a leading director of the ‘Polish Film School’ such as Andrzej Munk (Eroica, 1958; Pasazerka, 1963), Honorary Oscar recipient Andrzej Wajda (Kanał, 1956; Ashes and Diamonds, 1958; Innocent Sorcerers, 1960), Jerzy Kawalerowicz (Pociąg, 1959; Pharaoh, 1967) and Janusz Morgenstern (Goodbye, See You Tomorrow, 1960; Jowita, 1967; W-Hour, 1979).

Special features include director documentaries, a newly filmed interview with director Andrzej Wajda and booklets featuring especially commissioned new essays on the films.

For more information visit www.polishculture.org.uk

To accompany the release of the Box Set, Kinoteka 10 is proud to present two special screening nights of Polish Classics, featuring two films from the DVD:

13 March - Tuesday

Tuesday 13 March / 8.30 pm / Prince Charles Cinema

21 March - Wednesday

Wednesday 21 March / 8.00 pm / Whirled Cinema